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NH LEGO® League Master Builders Ages 6-14


Since 2009 the New Hampshire LEGO League has offered children in Southern New Hampshire a unique opportunity to share their passion for LEGO blocks in a fun group setting. Our Mas
ter Builders program is designed to help kids develop social and creative skills, using a combination of free-building, challenge, and set building techniques.  Meeting four times per month, there are many opportunities for building and fun to meet your busy schedule.



The key focus of our program is to create a master-builders-2fun non-competitive environment where kids receive recognition, work in groups, and develop important social and communicative skills.  While members are not required to attend all meetings, they can participate in as many events as their schedule allows.  At the end of each year they will be recognized at a banquet for the work they have completed both at home and at New Hampshire LEGO League meetings.

If you have questions, or if you wish come check out one of our meetings please feel free to contact us.  If you are ready to join you can print out the registration form here to bring to your first meeting.

Membership Fee

The membership fee for the NH LEGO League Master Builders program is $50.00 per year.

Master Builder Membership Includes:

◊ A NH LEGO League t-shirt
◊ A NH LEGO League membership lanyard
◊ A NH LEGO League binder and challenge stickers
◊ NH LEGO League design of the month e-mail
◊ Access to four NH LEGO League Master Builders member meetings per month, during the school year.

There will exclusive prizes and contest as well throughout the season.

Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions or would like to come visit us at a meeting. 


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