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NH FIRST LEGO League Team Royal Showing

Kings of Konstruction at regionalsThere was no doubt when the season started the Kings of Konstruction a FIRST LEGO League tem based out of Goffstown had one goal, try to be the best overall. The team was not interested in the best robot or project, but to try and prove they were the most well rounded. The team had its strongest showing in 4 seasons earning a perfect Core Values Score, showing that it is ok to disagree, debate, and discuss, but work together as a team no matter what. The Kings earned a nearly perfect score on Project by demonstrating how a modular Smartphone could allow us to save up to 90% of the waste created by Smartphone waste.

The best part of the day may have been finishing with the 4th place robot. Most people may say that 4th place isn’t that great, but the 3rd place team was a new rookie team from Goffstown that was home to friend and siblings of the Kings of Konstruction team.

The team earned a first place overall finish at the NH Capitol City tournament and a bid to compete in the NH State FLL Championships. It was a great season and as always they look forward to the future of FIRST Robotics.




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