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Third Annual Bricktona 500 Crowns Two Champions

February 27, 2012

bricktona-500The NASCAR Daytona 500 was not the only place to see an explosion in racing on Sunday February 26th.  With twenty-nine race teams fielding an entry this year, the NH LEGO League was able to crown two champions from eight divisional winners.  It became obvious after the first couple of division heats that there were two schools of thought when building your car.  Go small and light, or heavy and big.

Congratulations to the eight Division Winners

Division 1 – Max A.  driving the Brickhouse
Division 2 – Patrick M. driving Wildfire
Division 3 – Team Wills driving Danika
Division 4 – Jeremy N. driving The Brick
Division 5 – Aidan G. driving the Green Machine
Division 6 – Tyler H. driving Flat and Fast
Division 7 – Jack R. driving the Snakecopter
Division 8 – Anthony C. Blue Angle

After some tough racing it was determined that two champions would be crowed. There would be one winner from the four lightweight cars and one from the four heavier cars.  Congratulations to Patrick McKay for being crowned the 2012 Heavyweight Division Champion driving the car known as Wildfire.  In the Lightweight Division it was clear that the Champion for 2012 would be Aidan Gallagher driving his laser fast Green Machine.

Click Here - Download the PDF instructions for Aidan's Lightweight Champions Car

Click Here - Download the PDF instructions for Patrick's Heavyweight Champions Car

Congratulations to all who entered this year and we are already working on some great ideas for next year’s event, so start working on your designs now and LEGO. 

2011 Bricktona 500 Ends In True American Fashion


Daniel Herrero of Derry
Jimmy Hason of Manchester

2011 BRICKTONA 500

February 24, 2011

The Daytona 500 is considered “The Great American Race”, showcasing teamwork, determination, desire and sportsmanship.  In grand fashion the 2011 Bricktona 500 held on February 20th right here in Goffstown NH was a true representation of that race.  As with most of the events we do, the focus is on fun and creativity.  This year’s event and team of drivers was no exception. 

As racing began there were some clear favorites.  2010 winner of the Bricktona 500 Jimmy Hanson came back with a new car and desire to defend his title.  Several new comers were also in the wings including Daniel Herrero and relative unknown Shawn Hunter.  NH LEGO League First Team members Cullen Kendall, Aidan Hughes, Stewart Wills and Zachary Hughes designed cars as well. Our field also included a spunky young super racer named Colleen Bernard and a wild card racer by the name of Anthony Chalbeck. Nearly every driver won at least one heat race, and all the racing was extremely competitive. 

After several heat races the field was whittled down to just four drivers.  Jimmy Hason the odds on favorite and defending Champion. Aidan Hughes the scrappy young competitor with the passion and fire to win. The rookie in Daniel Herrero who was competing in his first Bricktona 500, and the wildcard Anthony Chalbeck who very quietly had set himself apart as a solid competitor with a great car. 

After four races between all four drivers we were left with a tie between the defending Champion and veteran Jimmy Hanson and rookie Daniel Herrero. A three lap shootout would determine the champion. With each competitor taking one of the first two laps, it was all down to the final race.  One lap would decide our champion and as the cars came down the track Daniel and Jimmy were tied, but then, what was determined to be a track issue caused Jimmys car to crash going down the track giving Daniel what appeared to be an easy victory. 

The judges conferred immediately and it was decided a fourth lap would be run to be fair to all. After the fourth heat race and nearly 2 hours of fun and racing we were still tied. It was decided then that both Jimmy Hanson and Daniel Herrero would be 2011 Bricktona 500 Co-Champions.  In what has to be the most outstanding display of sportsmanship from kids between the ages of 8 and 12 I have ever seen, both Daniel and Jimmy accepted the decision without question and were proud of what they had accomplished that day. 

Congratulations to both Jimmy and Daniel for their hard work, effort, and sportsmanship. The NH LEGO League is proud to name them the 2011 Bricktona 500 Champions.


What:      4th Annual Bricktona 500
Who:       The NH LEGO LEAGUE
When:     FEBRUARY 2013
Where:    Goffstown Parks and Rec Bldg. 
                 155 Mast Road Goffstown NH

 2012 Event Information

  • Based on the number of children in attendance we will divide the kids into groups by age, there will be awards for all and a prize for the best looking car.
  • There will be an open division for adults…for fun and bragging rights.
  • Registration is free for paid NH Lego League Members.
  • Pre Registration is $5.50 for non-members and adults
  • Registration on the day of the event is $10.00 (cash only please)
  • To Pre-register go to www.nhlegoleague.com/Bricktona500 and use the paypal order form in the top right hand corner.

2012 Event Rules

  • All cars must be no wider than  3.25 inches. (including wheels)
  • All cars must be no longer than 6 inches.
  • All carsmus be no taller than 4 inches. (including wheels)
  • No motors or power systems of any kind.
  • All car parts must be LEGO and include 1 LEGO person.
  • Cars must be built at home and brought to the event.
  • Winning car will taken by NH LEGO League and made into instructions (you will get it back)
      *The goal of this event is to have fun and be creative.  We reserve the right to disqualify or ask for cars to be changed to meet fair and ethical guidelines. 


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